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Course Recovery Update: The Waiting Game

We are now a full month into our course recovery project, so I want to pass along a very quick update on how things are going. In short, we are at the point in this process where patience is crucial. At times it seems like our steps are to wait, fertilize, mow, repeat – but allowing the turf to fully grow-in is absolutely vital to the long-term health of these areas.

Sprigs planted in the fairways of holes 2 and 18 look fantastic. We are starting to see the Bermuda grass creep into the most bare of areas, and the majority of both fairways have solid coverage. Both fairways are receiving fertility on a weekly basis in addition to being mowed at least once a week (weather permitting).

We have received 2 major batches of sod thus far: the first batch was installed on tee boxes of holes 1, 2, and 10, and the second batch on portions of the fairways on holes 2 and 9. All of these areas are also receiving weekly fertility and being mowed in coordination with both sprigged fairways, and if you have been out to the course lately you are aware of how nice the fresh sod is looking. If all goes as planned, we are hoping to be able to open tee boxes on holes 1, 2, and 10 within the next couple of weeks – which will be as nice for us as it will be for you to play. Since the second batch was installed a couple of weeks after the first, those areas (holes 9 and 2) will require a bit longer to grow in before they will be opened. That said, the sod installed in batch 2 was of higher quality and seems to be rooting more quickly than the first batch, which will hopefully allow us to open both areas sooner than expected.

All-in-all, we are playing a waiting game at this point in time. It is a slow and arduous process, but it is necessary to the long-term sustainability of these playing surfaces. We do, however, hope to begin opening a few of these repaired areas in the coming weeks, with the others to (hopefully) shortly follow.

I want to again thank you all for your continued patience in bearing with us throughout this project. I know it can be a headache, and trust me, we want to have the course fully opened just as badly as you do. Our patience will be rewarded with the quality of improvements that come through, we just have to win the waiting game.