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Smooth Sailing Ahead: A Course Update

I want to pass along a quick update on our ongoing projects out on the course. 

Firstly, all 18 holes have been completely paved! If you haven’t yet played a round and ridden on them, you definitely need to come out and feel the difference – it’s like a whole new experience! No more riding the break while going down hills and avoiding potholes! We are thrilled to see this major part of the project complete, and we know that you are excited, as well. The work that remains is minor compared to the actual paving. There will be cleanup around the new paths ongoing the next couple of weeks, which will not affect play at all (i.e., all 18 holes are open), and we are tentatively planning on beginning backfill and sodding around the paths in a couple of weeks. There will likely be some restrictions to play at that time, but rest assured we will keep you updated on that.

As I mentioned in my last post, we are dealing with some winter kill in a few fairways and tee boxes, which we hope to begin addressing with sod and sprigs at the beginning of June. We have already sodded 75% of the 1st tee box and will be receiving another truckload of sod tomorrow morning (5/21) that will cover the remaining section of #1 tee, as well as #10 and #2 tee boxes. We are making headway into recovering from the uncontrollable outcome of a harsh winter, which is a process that will ultimately result in an overall improvement in course conditions.

I do want to make a point of mentioning an aspect of course conditions that are in exceptional shape at this time—our greens. They are beautiful, rolling true, and unquestionably the strength of the course at this time. We hope you are enjoying them as much as we are!

That’s all for now, I will keep everyone updated as we continue to make progress. I am personally excited at the investment we are putting into the course, and I know that it will only make your experience here that much better.