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Weather or Not?

Over the past year since I have been GM here at the muni, I have steadily tried to increase my understanding of how the weather at our little spot on Schaad Road relates to the weather we see on local TV stations. In that effort, I have come to love the website Weather Underground, mostly because of the depth of information available on that site, but also because its name is kind of cool. I’ve done internet research to try to better understand how variables like pressure, humidity, and dew point affect conditions, and how those measures help forecasters. I would say my knowledge on the subject is now just slightly above that of a person who only watches the local morning weather on TV - but hey, I’ll take it. 

That background brings me to something that is continually confounding—after all this time trying to understand what’s happening, what will happen, and my consistent checking of all the different forecasts that actual experts give, I still have absolutely no idea why the weather here at the course almost always different than the majority of greater Knoxville.

Just this morning, I left my house and saw pavement drying. Since we’ve basically been living under a shower for most of the week, it was nice to think about things beginning to dry out. After pulling out onto the road, I even saw a break in the clouds and some color in the sky (gray doesn’t count). Then, halfway to work, it started raining…and it only got worse. Having now been here for 4 hours, I have yet to see anything but rain, mist, and fog so low that it blurs the tops of trees on the ridge. This is not an isolated incident, and in reality is probably just a mind trick because I am here so often, but for whatever reason the weather is always quirky here. For example, when Knoxville experienced high winds back in August, over 30 trees fell across the course. I was shocked to see the carnage upon arriving to the course that morning, because I literally did not see a down tree anywhere that I drove that day—and trust me, I was paying attention. More recently, after the 2 weeks of on-and-off snowfall, fairways and greens were still covered in snow while you would have been hard pressed to find such conditions anywhere outside of a 1 mile radius surrounding the course. It is simply confounding, and has brought me to the one and only logical conclusion:

The Golfing God’s love messing with us.